Bathroom mirrors: our low budget selection

Bathroom mirrors: our low budget selection

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1. triptych barber mirror, Alinéa, 59.90 euros 2. Yellow porthole mirror, Vertbaudet, 41.99 euros 3. Garnes hanging mirror, IKEA, 29 euros 4. Black barber mirror, Leroy Merlin, 34.90 euros 5. Mirror with yellow Saltröd shelf and hooks, IKEA, 49 euros 6. Table mirror in blue metal, Maisons du Monde, 29.99 euros 7. Shelf mirror, Maisons du Monde, 34.99 euros 8. Square mirror, AM .PM, 35 euros Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful! And for good reason, the mirror is an essential decorative accessory in the bathroom. For makeup, care and other secret beauty rituals, you can't do without it! Round, square or triptych, it is necessary to be careful to choose your bathroom mirror. It has to find its place in decoration, it resists ambient humidity and you can fix it and light it up safely. For this, we offer a special decoration selection for small budgets, with mirrors to fix for DIY enthusiasts among you, or to hang over a door or even simply to pose, the dream if you are renting! We promise, we do not dangle you mountains and wonders!

A barber's mirror in triptych for a vintage touch in your bathroom, without losing practicality for the whole family!


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