Tikamoon: designer of trendy solid wood furniture

Tikamoon: designer of trendy solid wood furniture

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In full swing, the business of selling furniture via the internet displays attractive prices by reducing the number of intermediaries as much as possible.

Created just 10 years ago by furniture and home enthusiasts, Tikamoon designs and manufactures wooden furniture, current and trendy. The Tikamoon collections are available on the brand's website. Your furniture is delivered during the week, without assembly, thus avoiding you the throes of the furniture in kit… What to arrange all your spaces, of the living room in the bathroom while passing by the terrace.

Wood as a trademark!

Among its convictions, Tikamoon relies on the quality of its products. With their original designs, it is true that the brand's furniture has something to seduce. Made by craftsmen specializing in wood, their collections offer a wide range of patinas and essences. In order not to spoil anything, Tikamoon is attentive to the origin of its woods and respects local environmental standards.

Quality service

Durable, furniture is also durable over time due to its handcrafted construction in solid wood. As proof, these are guaranteed for two years. And if ordering furniture via the Internet turns you off, know that Tikamoon can advise you, just like the customers who preceded you thanks to the reviews left on the site. You can even try the furniture free at home for 30 days before deciding. Finally, Tikamoon offers competitive prices by working closely with its manufacturing partners and ensures rapid delivery to many European countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland, etc.). What more ?

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