The time of cherry blossoms

The time of cherry blossoms

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In early April, ornamental cherry trees around the world are adorned with their pink and white coats. In Japan, the two weeks of cherry blossoms represent a poetic and sacred parenthesis, celebrated by numerous festivals. And if we were inspired by this Japanese tradition to bring poetry and color into the house?

A Japanese tradition that inspires the rest of the world

For more than a millennium, the Japanese peninsula has lived to the rhythm of cherry blossom at the beginning of spring. When the cherry blossoms, called sakura, dress the trees in pink and white, the Japanese rush to the parks to contemplate so much beauty. The ritual, called "Hanami" (from Hana, flower, and Mi, watching) consists of picnicking under the trees while admiring the magic of nature and sharing a moment of poetry and conviviality. From the end of March, a real "flower weather" announces the areas where the cherry trees will reach their peak of flowering, day after day, so that Japanese and tourists can go and observe this sumptuous spectacle. In the West, Hanami is also celebrated in the United States, but also in Finland, Italy and the Paris region, in the Parc de Sceaux. And if this year, we also celebrated Hanami at home?

Hanami is celebrated all over Japan

Branches of cherry blossoms in the house

At the very beginning of spring, one watches for the flowering of cherry trees and other fruit trees to beautify your home dramatically. If you do not have the possibility of cutting cherry branches in your garden, you will find some for a few euros at your florist. And if you don't have a large vase, a bucket, a pitcher or a jug will do just fine ... This masterful composition will not last more than a week or two, but it should dazzle you and bring you all energy you will need at the end of winter. Hanami, a new decorative ritual?

A little magic in the house…

How to grow ornamental cherry trees in your garden?

Happy garden owner, to celebrate Hanami every year, you just have to plant Japanese cherry trees this fall, or now if you choose a potted or container tree. Prunus serrulata are ornamental varieties that do not make fruit, do not expect a big harvest, but simply a beautiful flowering in April! Among the most beautiful ornamental varieties are Prunus serrulata Kanzan, Kiku Shidare Sakura, Hokusai, Royal Burgundi and Shirofugen. Prefer soils with a tendency to limestone and situations sheltered from the wind and water copiously after planting. And next year, all you have to do is invite your loved ones to a great spring picnic on the theme of Hanami!

What if we planted a prunus in the garden?