Action plan to clean your balcony for spring

Action plan to clean your balcony for spring

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You will not resist the call of summer for long. Only problem: your terrace is gray. Repair it to take advantage of the first rays of sun. Neither one nor two, here is our action plan and all the best solutions for effective balcony cleaning. Spring cleaning operation launched!

Step 1: clean the railing of your balcony

The first step of your great spring cleaning begins with the cleaning of the railing. Always start at the top. If it is a wooden railing: first dust it off with a cloth, then clean it with a damp sponge containing a few soda crystals. Rinse then dry to leave no traces. On the other hand, if your railing is made of metal, clean it vigorously with a soapy sponge (and a little ammonia if it is very dirty). Rinse immediately!

Start cleaning your balcony with the railing.

Step 2: clean your patio floor

Second step of this great balcony cleaning: properly clean the floor of your outdoor space. Above all, avoid ammonia, vinegar and bleach, which attack and break up concrete and cement. Whether your balcony floor is made of cement, concrete, wood, brick or tiled, opt as much as possible for natural cleaners.

- A concrete or cement terrace:

Baking soda and black soap will be your best allies in this clean up operation. Arm yourself with a broom and scrub your floor with your mixture. Rinse well and dry thoroughly.

- A wooden terrace:

First scrape with a spatula the space between the two blades to remove the clumps of dirt. You can then use a broom to clean the floor with warm water and soda (1 cup of soda for 1L of water). Then rinse the terrace and dry it, because in the long run stagnant water may rot the wood. A second option: black soap, always with a broom and in the direction of the wood. Remember to rinse well!

- A brick terrace:

For routine cleaning, scrub the patio with baking soda and black soap using a broom, then rinse with warm water with a mop. On the other hand, to clean a very dirty brick terrace, use a hard broom soaked in hot water and soda crystals. If you need to remove foam, a special and ecological product will be necessary.

- A tiled terrace:

The tiled floor of your balcony can be cleaned like that of your interior with a mop and a suitable product. Easy !

Each terrace floor has its own maintenance!

Step 3: remove stubborn stains

Despite your patio cleaning, are some stains making your life hard? Treat them on a case-by-case basis:

- A rust stain:

Water it directly with an anti-rust fabric product and rinse with a damp sponge.

- A mold stain:

Use an ecological product suitable for completely destroying mosses, algae and fungi.

- A grease stain:

Dust the stain with talc, flour or washing powder to absorb it.

- A stain of bird excrement:

Scrape as much as possible and then brush with powdered detergent before rinsing well.

- A spot of mud:

If the soil is encrusted, scrub the soil with a wet broom and baking soda. Rinse, dry and your terrace and saved!

Cleaning the terrace regularly helps avoid stains.

Step 4: protect your balcony to fully enjoy it

Once properly cleaned, your terrace will be entitled to some preventive actions against bad weather and rain. If it is a wooden deck, oil it. If it is a tiled terrace, apply a stain-proofing waterproofing product that will protect it from mold. You can also sand the damaged areas of the balustrade and repaint it with a dedicated anti-rust paint. If the balustrade is made of wood, you can also wax it or apply a marine varnish with a brush. In all cases, use ecological products designed for professionals to combat humidity, pollution and grease stains.

A parasol is a good start to protect your terrace or balcony.

Throughout the year: regularly maintain your balcony

A pleasant and warm balcony is first and foremost a clean and healthy balcony. So try to maintain it regularly to avoid major chores of cleaning. The ideal is to use ecological products so as not to damage your pretty plantations. Think also of your neighbors just below: do not wash your terrace with large water at the risk of spraying them with dirty water and dirtying their windows. Clean, rinse, and dry your balcony using a mop. Also remember to take a look at the rules of the condominium, which can strictly regulate balcony cleaning. Good cleaning!

All you have to do is enjoy your terrace now!