Storage: how to store your handbags without damaging them

Storage: how to store your handbags without damaging them

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For women, they are precious allies. Always at their side, the handbags support without flinching agenda, wallet, phone and other essentials while bringing an undeniable addition to the look. Handbags are actually much more than just accessories and given the budget spent on some, it is better to find the most suitable storage to keep them intact for many years.

Why put away your handbags

Please note that a handbag can be damaged even when it is not worn. Most of the materials used for making bags (such as leather or nubuck) are very fragile and fear scuffs and stains. Do not "really" put away your handbags but store them as you can in the long run will cause damage that will be irretrievable. The dust accumulated if the bags come out of your wardrobe infrequently can also deteriorate the general appearance of your accessory. We therefore recommend using the protective cover (the famous dust bag) generally delivered with the bag at the time of sale. If you have not received a cover, it is an object that is very easily in the trade, do not deprive yourself. Whether it's a luxury bag or a more common bag, the idea is to give them the same care so you will be trained in good habits. Tip: if you use your dust bags for all your bags, you may find it difficult to differentiate them on the shelf. Like shoe boxes, we therefore advise you to photograph your bag and then hang it on your protective cover. This way, you save precious time in the morning to choose the bag that matches your outfit.

Store your handbags vertically or horizontally

The horizontal solution seems perfect because there is no loss of space. Unfortunately, by placing the bags on top of each other, the risk of them hanging between them with the closures is significant. The weight of the buildup will also hurt those at the bottom of the pile. For all these reasons, vertical storage is preferable. However, some precautions must be taken: * Do not overtighten them otherwise they may be damaged. * Always take care when taking them out that they do not cling to each other (the protective covers precisely prevent this type of accident). * Stuff the inside of the soft bags so that they can stand in an upright position and avoid bad folds.

The dream with a dressing room AND room for all your bags.

Where to store your handbags

In fact everything depends on the layout of your home. If you have a dressing room, the question hardly arises, the ideal being to devote a shelf in this room for your bags, close to the other accessories. If you don't have a dressing room, you need to be able to find space in a wardrobe to store all your bags. This wardrobe can be found in your room (again next to the other accessories because it is practical) or near the entrance since we do not use our bags inside. Finally, we prefer a closed place because the light especially if it is direct can discolor some bags in the long run.

Hang your handbags

Can you hang your handbags? If the solution is tempting and, moreover, aesthetically interesting, it is actually a bad idea. If your bags are stored this way, the strap will eventually wear out. The coat hook solution must therefore remain an exception, but it can be used for a nice “staging”, for example in the entrance. Instead, reserve this kind of treatment for less fragile bags such as tote bags.

Alternative solutions

Rest assured, there are still ways other than the perfect closet to properly store your handbags. Without having an incredible space, it is possible to use hanging storage systems like the Pocketta by Umbra or the Pluring by Ikea. As a rule, these installations are to hang on your wardrobe. Taking up barely more space than a few hangers, these solutions offer a good alternative to the dedicated shelf.

Small spaces are also entitled to their dedicated storage.

In trade, there are also straps to be installed, for example behind the doors. Very practical, these straps do not take up space and allow you to store several bags without them being in danger. For less fragile bags, you can opt for diversion solutions. Some will use curtain hooks when others use the lid supports or bookends to keep their bags upright on the shelves.