A cozy home: all that radiators can do for your comfort

A cozy home: all that radiators can do for your comfort

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If you are told "cozy house", you think above all of a soft sofa and a fluffy plaid? What if the first step in winter comfort was the radiators? Déco.fr and SAUTER tell you why!

What is thermal comfort?

Thermal comfort is the feeling of a person who is neither too hot nor too cold. Obviously, it is not only a question of temperature. Thermal comfort will depend on several other factors: *The stability and homogeneity of this temperature in the room : indeed, if you are too cold on the feet and too hot on the head, this is not ideal; the feeling should not be violent either, you must be like in a cocoon. *Ambient air humidity : excessive humidity will accentuate the feeling of cold ... Just as too dry air is unpleasant and can interfere with breathing. *Possible drafts : these junkies could jeopardize your well-being at home! *The absence of a cold wall : a real plus for thermal comfort: insulation! *Everyone's metabolism : another factor that must be taken into account, the sensitivity of each, if some people always have cold feet, others will tend to get quickly too hot.

Radiators that heat evenly

Unlike convectors and radiant heaters, the radiators will offer you stable and homogeneous heating and therefore thermal comfort at the top. Indeed, at SAUTER, the electric radiators diffuse in your home a soft and homogeneous heat. Comfort comparable to central heating with the advantage of being able to adjust the temperature room by room according to your needs!

Heaters that know when you need them

To this quality of heat offered by the radiators are added to SAUTER electronic regulation and programming, which associated with the use of intelligent functions will greatly make your life easier! Isn't top comfort not radiators who know what to do without you taking care of it? This is what BOLERO AUTO from SAUTER will allow you to do: automate the steering and stick as closely as possible to your lifestyle to regulate the temperature on your own according to your needs. Autonomous electric heaters for a house always perfectly heated - and also energy savings.

Radiators that respond to you from a distance

Imagine: you went on vacation in the mountains for a week. Obviously, you lowered your radiators - a question of energy savings! On the other hand, returning to your refreshed house does not really motivate you ... It was without counting on SAUTER connected radiators which allow you to control your comfort remotely thanks to a simple application installed on your smartphone. Thus, you can ask your radiators directly wherever you are - on vacation, on a highway or elsewhere - to adapt their temperature to your needs!

All you have to do is make a good hot chocolate and curl up on your sofa, the radiators will do the rest!


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