Aluminum windows: top sound insulation!

Aluminum windows: top sound insulation!

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Whether you live in town or in the countryside, for quality sleepy mornings, you will have to think of windows that will not let noise nuisance from the outside - the horns or the neighbor's rooster, to choose from! Fortunately, there are aluminum windows. We tell you everything.

Choosing the right glass to fight outside noise

The choice of glazing for your windows is essential to improve the sound comfort inside your home. Good insulation is due to reinforced thermal glazing as well as an aluminum window which adapts perfectly to the glazing - indeed, thermal glazing is thicker but this is not what stops aluminum joinery, quite the contrary ! Why the aluminum window is the right choice? Aluminum profiles can adapt to all situations. So whatever your choice of glazing - even the thickest! - there will always be an aluminum window for you - with suitable rebates, anything is possible!

Who says good air tightness says good sound insulation!

Noises infiltrate wherever they can to disrupt your quiet evenings at home. This is why it will be necessary to ensure the air tightness of the opening parts of your home. Why the aluminum window is the right choice? The aluminum profiles are very rigid. This quality will allow optimal compression of the joints between the frames and therefore a very good air tightness - without being affected by the significant weight of the glazing! It's a winner for your phonic comfort.

The effectiveness of aluminum in sound insulation

The soundproofing of a home is a global problem: the very design of your house counts - from the facade to the doors, of course, through the windows. Whether it is to adapt to the glazing as well as possible or to ensure a good airtightness, aluminum joinery makes it possible to reduce the noise level up to 40 decibels (or even beyond). The neighbor's rooster / car horns can get out of breath: your sleepy mornings have no limits! The extra thing? Quality aluminum windows combined with suitable glazing will allow you not only to improve your sound insulation but also your thermal insulation! Find more information on the Alu Window site In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum