3 sports to practice at home!

3 sports to practice at home!

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Cultivating your Apollo physique doesn't necessarily mean going out of the house. If "the gym is too far", "the subscription too expensive" and "jogging too hard (especially when it is cold)": you have the sport at home! Here are our 3 sports ideas to sculpt your muscles without leaving your home, without wasting time, without taking the car ... but (beware) not without effort!

The jump rope to practice at home

Did you think it was out of date? Reserved for recess lessons? Or worse, to the girls at the playground? No, skipping rope is sport. Try it and you will understand why it invites itself into the court of top athletes, who use it willingly in their training programs. Inexpensive, the jump rope does not take up space in the house and makes all the muscles work (yes all!). By the way, did you know that a 15 minute session of jump rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging? A good reason to set up a sports corner at home to jump and fall… in childhood. And sporty, childhood please!

For children, the jump rope? We haven't tried for a while!

Fitness: No. 1 in sports at home

Who says fitness is only for gyms? A good fitness application (and a minimum of motivation) is enough to work the muscles without leaving your home. The advantage? Many fitness exercises do not require any particular sports equipment, like the squat… To avoid any ambiguity, we specify that the squat does not consist in squatting the sofa for hours on end but in metamorphosing the cellulite of the abdominal belt , buttocks and other vestiges of the past hours ... on the seat of the sofa. With a minimum of equipment and space to store your sporting goods, you can easily chain on Pilates or the Swiss ball. Once the fitness session is over, all you have to do is hide the floor mat under the bed and the visible gym ball in the living room… just to remember the next home gym session waits !

Two or three small purchases, and you have the complete panoply to do your exercises at home.

Surfset for city dwellers

No need to live in Biarritz to surf! By reproducing the movement of the waves, the surfset fitness allows you to work on your balance, to row, to swim, to paddle, to sweat ... All without having to throw yourself into the water! The ergonomic board, balanced on rubber balls introduces you to the basics of surfing ... To practice surf and fitness at home, you will however need to set up a sports corner at home. And for good reason, this board is as bulky as a surfboard, a real one. Brice de Nice in person would not resist it.

The surfboard is bulky, but it's very classy to surf at home, right?