Do you want a room that turns into an office?

Do you want a room that turns into an office?

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Are you in dire need of space in your apartment? What if you invest in modular furniture? This is what the brand L'armoire-lit by La Maison du Convertible (ex Bimodal) offers, which promotes the intelligence of your living space and whose motto is "The less space you give us, the more we you will create them! "

Space-saving furniture

Designing modular and intelligent furniture has been the DNA of the La Maison du Convertible group for over 30 years. "We are the pioneers on this type of high-end equipment. This is a direct result of our primary profession which is to offer convertible sofas", explains Jean-Jacques Mizrah, current Group CEO.

Always on the lookout for innovative products, the brand has specialized in functional furniture and saves space to adapt to the changing needs and lifestyles of city dwellers in need of space. Looking for a console that turns into a table for 12 people, a sofa that becomes a real bed or a table that can be low or high depending on the occasion? It is on the side of La Maison du Convertible that you will surely find your happiness.

The wardrobe: tailor-made arrangement of your living space

Among these smart pieces of furniture, there is one that the brand wanted to highlight through a dedicated physical store and several corners within its Parisian showrooms: the bed wardrobe. It is a folding bed, designed with a very technical mechanism that allows it to fold vertically or laterally. The bedroom transforms in seconds into an office, living room or dining room. The models offered, top of the range, range from simple wardrobe to more elaborate, fully tailor-made arrangements, with a number of storage spaces.

"Our advisers, true interior decorators, can come to your place, take measurements and draw up 3D plans to give you a precise idea of ​​the possible combinations and the final result," explains Jean-Jacques Mizrah. The installation is also done by professionals for a quality, long-term, tailor-made arrangement. A space saving solution that is on the rise! Contact : The wardrobe-bed by La Maison Du Convertible (Bimodal), 68 bis rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris Telephone: 01 42 77 66 32 Site:


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