Shopping: 8 pretty bins for your kitchen!

Shopping: 8 pretty bins for your kitchen!

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1- Trash can 12 liters turquoise blue, Koziol, € 25.96 2- Trash Superboy, Wesco, € 112.91 3- Retro industrial style red trash can, Kitchen Move, € 39.30 4- Trash can built-in stainless steel work Alitri, Alinéa, 159 € 5- Trash Chic trash can, Seletti, 145 € 6- Round kitchen trash can built in under sink, Alysta, 37.80 € (open price 42 €) 7- Metal pedal trash I'll take your trash, Bloomingville, € 64.90 8- New York pedal bin, Curver, € 42.16 Who said a kitchen bin couldn't be pretty? And yes, it is not because we throw all our waste there that the trash can be the poor relation of decoration… On the contrary, it can bring a real decorative touch to the kitchen! Whether you choose a built-in trash can, a trash can with several sorting bins, with a lid that closes as if by magic or a pedal, your kitchen trash can take on shimmering colors and combine functionality and aesthetics. Proof by 8 with our selection!

These two built-in trash cans (one in the worktop and the other, more conventionally, under the sink) are ultra-practical: close at hand, and easily accessible ... A real asset for a clean and ergonomic!