Gourmet minutes: 8 chewable pastry accessories

Gourmet minutes: 8 chewable pastry accessories

With friends or family, there is no better occasion than the end of year celebrations to get together all around a gourmet meal. Cake molds, macaroon plate, whipped cream jar, pie dish ... The time has come to bring out your most delicious homemade recipes!

Heart cake mold, € 12.49 *, Maison Maligne

Are your pastries made with love? Say it with this heart shaped mold! But will your guests dare to cut your big chocolate heart into pieces? Generally, gluttony triumphs over this type of dilemma!

Chantilly jar, € 15.50 *, Cookut

Do you want to make a light and creamy whipped cream in just one minute? Bet on this pretty glass jar with whipped cream as decorative as it is effective in the kitchen. The most greedy will make a mouthful!

Fluted silicone molds, € 14.99 *, Topdeco

Whether you are from Bordeaux or not, this heat-resistant silicone mold will help you concoct 12 simply perfect grooves. You can already smell a sweet smell of gluttony in your kitchen!

Conical measuring cup, € 23.80 *, Tala

Add a vintage touch to your kitchen with this steel measuring cup for dry food. The ideal kitchen utensil to be precise and effective in your gourmet recipes.

Silicone macarons plate, € 10.99 *, Paris Price

This flexible silicone macaroon plate, resistant to -40 ° C and to + 250 ° C, will allow you to concoct delicious batches of macaroons… All successful promises. We validate!

Cookie pad, € 7.50 *, Suck UK

What if you gave your cookies a little taste of Madeleine de Proust? With this wooden and silicone stamp, your preparations take on an air of nostalgia that will melt your granny!

Tilting mixing bowl with whisk, € 25.90 *, Lily Cook

Whatever cake recipe you decide to prepare, this tilting stainless steel bowl will simplify your life with its non-slip base. With his bonus whip, you are well equipped: no more excuses!

Ceramic pie dish, € 11.99 *, Paris Price

For your gourmet recipes such as the famous family fruit pie, this traditional ceramic dish will immerse you in your sweet memories of childhood. The little ones will love it! Need more inspiration? Discover all our products for the kitchen! img id = "253978" / Prices noted on the site on 12/01/2017, subject to change depending on commercial offers.