Tutorial: a Christmas orange

Tutorial: a Christmas orange

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Do you know the Christmas orange? This traditional end-of-year recipe consists of sifting the cloves of a generous orange with cloves. The opportunity thus to prepare Christmas by embalming the whole house but also by decorating it. Placed in a dish, your Christmas oranges can be placed on the fireplace or arranged in the center of the table. You can also hang them from the branches of the tree or from a door handle. A very fragrant DIY to make with children!


- Beautiful oranges - Cloves - A sharp knife

Budget: 10 euros Time: 15 minutes Age: from 3 years


1. Start by cleaning your oranges well. Then, with the tip of your knife, draw a star in the peel of the orange. If necessary, you can also use a felt tip pen to mark marks. A small zester can also replace the knife; with some, you can even make pretty curves.

2. When the drawing is finished, make deeper cuts to remove the orange peel inside your star.

3. Place cloves directly on the white skin by driving them in.

4. Make a new orange but have fun varying the techniques and patterns. This time, you can make cuts all the way through the citrus fruit before piercing the skin with cloves.


Didn't we tell you it's childish? Depending on their age, your children will be more likely to chore cloves or have fun drawing patterns on the bark. When your Christmas oranges are finished, place them in the living room. You can keep them for several weeks and when they dry, they will scent the whole house!


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