A lino cement tile or vinyl parquet floor in your bathroom?

A lino cement tile or vinyl parquet floor in your bathroom?

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Linoleum vs vinyl floor: find out more

To revamp a bathroom, linoleum and vinyl floors are two options to consider. But what do you really know about these two floor coverings?
Linoleum, more commonly known as linoleum, is a 100% natural choice. It is in fact composed of linseed oil, wood flour, resins and totally ecological natural pigments. However, by their nature, the components of lino make it a soil sensitive to moisture. If you opt for lino in the bathroom, then think about choosing a model suitable for this room.

On the contrary, vinyl or PVC floors are plastic coatings. The vinyl floor is manufactured by coating, that is to say that the raw material is in liquid form. The PVC floor is made by calendering: the raw material is flattened between two rollers. Today we no longer distinguish between these two materials. And if they have long been considered old-fashioned, vinyl floors find a good place in the bathroom. Especially because they exist in a variety of patterns and colors, which give style to our shower corners!

Why choose linoleum or vinyl flooring?

Undertake works in his bathroomis often exposing yourself to a high bill. And unlike other coverings, linoleum and vinyl floors are:

  • Cheap. For rolled vinyl, count between 5 to 50 euros per square meter and 4 to 80 euros for vinyl in tiles or strips. Linoleum in rolls will cost you 20 to 60 euros per square meter, and 25 to 80 euros in the form of tiles or planks. Soft floors with effects (lino cement tiles, vinyl floor with aged parquet effect, etc.) really make it possible to revamp a bathroom with a mini-budget!
  • Easy to install. these flooring are very easy to set up and do not require a professional. Adhesive or with clips, they are quickly posed on a whole heap of old surfaces, like the tiling for example! Some vinyl floors are even heavy and thick enough (with a felting felt and substantial layers of foam) so as not to require glue!
  • Well insulating. With flexible floors, there is no need for underfloor heating: vinyl floors keep the heat and preserve the acoustics of the room!
  • Easy maintenance. Indeed, once waxed, the lino will become hyper resistant to water and humidity. To clean vinyl or PVC floors, a microfiber mop and a little water will suffice for frequent maintenance. If your floor deserves a good scrub, add a few drops of dish soap or black soap, and voila!

Linoleum, PVC floors: playing with styles!

It cannot be said enough: the bathroom should not be the poor relation of your house. Especially if it is asmall bathroom. Indeed, in small spaces, every detail counts, starting with the colors. Clear and natural are the most suitable for walls, because they give an impression of space ... But this also applies to your floor coverings!

That's good: today, lino, vinyl floors and PVC floors offer a variety of patterns and colors in natural shades that you can count on with your eyes closed. For a long time, the result remained poor, but nowadays, the woodwork or mineral effect are remarkably well imitated.
If you want to opt for a more colorful and trendy style, you will fall for a floor lino cement tiles. Real cement tiles represent a very large budget, PVC floor manufacturers have decided to offer a most impressive substitute! Geometric patterns, graphic floors, various colors or a variation of a shade: with the lino cement tiles, there is something for everyone and at lower cost!