D-5: I perfume my house for Christmas

D-5: I perfume my house for Christmas

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At home, the magic of Christmas is revealed through a series of small details. Windows decorated with snowflakes that let glimpse the light decorations of the street. A tree that sits proudly in the center of the room. A started advent calendar, prominently displayed on the dining room table. A chimney fire crackling in the hearth. Christmas carols repeated over and over by the children. The pleasure of Christmas is also for all of us the pleasure of the preparations and these days that separate us from December 25. For this, leave nothing to chance. The smells associated with the holiday season also play an essential role. Here are some tips.

Caring for the Christmas tree

To embalm your home and breathe this delicious festive fragrance, don't just bet on Christmas Eve turkey! For example, we decorate a tree but we also perfume it! We already love its characteristic odor that floats in the air… it remains to enhance it with a decoration that is as visual as it is fragrant. For this, think of the amber apple also called sweet apple. Scented invention inherited from the Middle Ages, it consists in planting cloves in a beautiful citrus fruit, usually an orange. You can scatter it all over the house, on your furniture or even your wardrobe to keep moths away, but we recommend that you transform it into a Christmas hanging lamp. To decorate the tree, also make natural garlands composed for example of orange rings. We did not find better to perfume the room nicely. Finally, another option: buy transparent Christmas balls and fill them with pine thorns, pieces of cinnamon, wild moss and wild berries. Guaranteed Nordic atmosphere.

You will find the complete recipe for this potpourri on Lois Moreno's blog

Make a potpourri or a home fragrance

Did you know you can make your own potpourri? Nothing like distilling a sweet smell during the holidays throughout your home. To do this, it's very simple: fill a saucepan with water. Then, put in the hot water a mandarin, a lemon and an apple cut in half, a stick of cinnamon, bay leaf, anise flowers and a few cardamom seeds. Let it infuse over very low heat. Of course, you can opt for variants! Like orange and apple peel combined with cinnamon and cranberry. As soon as it is cooked, the scent of Christmas will weave through the whole house. You are then free to arrange the elements in a cup or fill a jar to offer for a home made present full of attention. For a lingering smell, you can also make your own Christmas home fragrance. In an essential oil diffuser, dilute a few drops of Scots pine, lemongrass, sweet orange, clove or Siberian fir oils in water. Be careful not to mix too many oils together (three is fine) to avoid blurring the smell or the scent being too heady.

We make Christmas candles with Joli Bonheur cookie cutters

Create a scented candle

In winter, we love to cocoon at home and let ourselves be tempted by seasonal do it yourself like candles. To do this, melt the granules of wax in a saucepan (recycling old candles it works too) and then slip them with a wick into your containers (thank you the old glass yogurt pots!) Of course to have everything good, we give them the Christmas spirit. For this, you can already play with the shape of the candles as on the blog Joli bonheur and use star or fir cookie cutters. Continuing with this idea, perfume the candles with Christmas scents with essential oils suitable for lemongrass or cloves for example. Chic, it smells good in the whole house and it's fun!

As wild child shares three Christmas drinks with us

Warm up with Christmas drinks

Snuggled up on your couch a blanket under your nose and a hot drink in your hand ... If you are told that you are, in this way, actively participating in the magic of Christmas do you believe it? Scenting your house with Christmas scents is sometimes as simple as making yourself a glass of mulled wine (we found the kid friendly version here with hot grape juice), an ultra gourmet hot chocolate or a honey milk . Special mention for the apple juice accompanied by cinnamon, ginger, star anise and lemon juice from the 100% vegetable blogger. A fortifying and fragrant drink that has never ceased to delight young and old during this holiday season. And you, what is your little secret to perfume the whole house with the scent of Christmas?