Christmas gifts: posters and posters for all tastes!

Christmas gifts: posters and posters for all tastes!

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Posters and posters are perfect gifts to convey a message: "Enjoy life" or "Visit New York!" Decor fans will appreciate and others will find inspiration. To give personality to the walls, here is our selection for all ages and styles!

Single Ladies Poster, € 28 *, Wall Editions

Ideal gift for a teenager or a fan of Beyoncé, this poster by artist Nour Thomé takes all the steps of the iconic pop artist's cult choreography in his clip "All the single ladies". We can already hear you singing "Oh oh ohhh"!

Take life on the glitter side, € 33.80 *, Dimco Côté Déco

Stars, gold and a message full of joy: "Take life on the glitter side" ... This pretty frame with rounded shapes will look great on a white wall with its slate background and neat paint effects. 100% positive and inspirational!

Visit New-York poster, € 28 *, Wall Editions

On this beautiful chic poster from the illustrator Henry Rivers, the Empire State Building stands proudly in the sky of New York. A nice gift for globetrotters, sweet dreamers or simply lovers of the big apple.

Double brass photo frame, € 35.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

A photograph can only be really enhanced if it is presented in a beautiful setting. Here the brass brings nobility and the double frame seems to await your souvenir photos: a poetic gift for your loved ones.

Batman Dream poster, € 28 *, Wall Editions

The bat man is one of the most iconic superheroes. This poster immerses us in the imagination of childhood, its games, its dreams while exploring the darkness of the hero. It will find its place in both a bedroom and a living room!

Kakemono Family Rules poster, € 71 *, EMDE Premium

Set the table, keep its promises ... Ideal to offer to a family, this kakemono-style poster tenderly recalls that sometimes it is also useful not to follow the rules. And above all, don't forget to laugh often! A nice gift.

100 things to do before you die, € 28.50 *, DOIY

In a fun and quirky way, this fun poster offers 100 things to do before you die, to enjoy life. The missions: dancing barefoot in the rain, swimming with the dolphins ... A gift to enjoy life to the fullest!

Paris frieze to color, € 15 *, OMY

Because coloring is not just for children, Omy invents the giant coloring frieze representing the map of Paris. To discover the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame… otherwise! On the wall or placed on the floor, we draw and fall back into childhood. This Christmas, we are offering a good dose of creativity and inspiration! img id = "251122" / Prices noted on the site on 12/20/2017, subject to change based on commercial offers.