Wardrobe or dressing room in a small bedroom, what to choose?

Wardrobe or dressing room in a small bedroom, what to choose?

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A custom-made dressing to optimize space in a small bedroom

If you have a lot of clothes, linen and accessories to store but do not have a lot of space, the custom wardrobe could be the best solution for you. With professionals, you will be able to assess your needs and what is possible in your room. The custom wardrobe is also a good solution for those who have an "atypical" bedroom (at an angle or under the eaves, for example).

Small bedroom: cupboards that don't take up space

There are space-saving storage cabinets on the market, cupboards that are not too deep or that have been built to easily slide into a corner. They are perfect for furnishing a small room and adding storage. Such a storage unit will be perfect for those who have a wall or a free corner. It is an ideal solution for those who do not collect pairs of shoes.

What to choose for your small room?

To make the right choice between dressing room and wardrobe, take the time to think about your real needs in terms of storage in the bedroom. If the rest of your apartment does not contain a lot of storage furniture or if you simply have a lot of business, a custom wardrobe is probably the best solution for you! On the contrary, if you don't have a lot of clothes to store in the bedroom, prefer a wardrobe that will take up less space. Also take into account the budget: a custom-made wardrobe will obviously be more expensive than a wardrobe bought in a traditional furniture store.


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