Method to efficiently sort your mail

Method to efficiently sort your mail

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Strangely, making correspondence has become a rare activity and yet our mailboxes are always as full of mail. Regularly, the pile of papers accumulates with us and we always postpone the next day this uninteresting task of sorting these documents. What if we changed all that? This is an easy routine to set up, a kind of first step towards organizing the house. Sorting your mail efficiently requires little investment but can change your life a lot. Demonstration.

On the way to the trash

We tell you regularly on dé, the best (and especially the easiest) way to store is to not disturb. This principle can easily be followed for sorting mail. For this, you must have a routine upon receipt of the mail. When you get your mail in the mailbox, when you have your letters in hand, go immediately to a trash can. A first sorting must be done when the mail is opened. Don't let spam and uninteresting ads invade your living space. By opening your mail near the trash can, ready for action, it's easier to remove anything that is cluttering you up.

A place dedicated to mail

When the first sorting is done, you can put aside the mail to be processed or consulted. In this case, it is important to have a well-defined place to store your mail before processing. There are two reasons for this. You are probably not alone in retrieving mail from your home, so you need a place known to everyone so as not to scatter documents. Then define a specific place for mail allows not to multiply the load shedding corners: the best way to disturb your interior and lose half the mail.

Even simple mail carriers are compulsory.

A paper crusher

Certain letters should not be kept. However, you have a hard time throwing them away because they contain private information. While paper should normally be part of recycling, some are hesitant to sort it out because they are afraid that personal information will be disclosed this way. To reassure yourself and continue to sort your waste properly, invest in a document shredder that provides total security for your personal mail. Count about 30 € for this device which has the added benefit of entertaining children, a good way to have help for sorting mail.

Order your mail

Once your location for the mail has been chosen, it should be ordered to have a clear view. Today there are many types of letter carriers. Some also serve as storage compartments. If you choose to invest in a mail organizer, remember that it must be able to hold your regular correspondence. Prefer an accessory that can separate several types of letters, for example invoices versus bank statements. This way, it will be much easier for you to finish sorting when you have to get started.

Define a sorting habit

When the mail has undergone its first sorting, there therefore remains the correspondence which must be kept and sorted. If you have opted for a mail organizer with several compartments, your task will be even simpler. Mail sorting is not necessarily an activity to be renewed every day, especially since other means of correspondence have taken over today. Suddenly it is quite possible to sort his mail at a frequency of once a week or even once a month. By cons, as soon as you have decided on the routine, it is necessary to stick to it otherwise, bad habits will take over.

A nice place to sort your mail makes this work much more efficient.

What to send back to the sender

The final sorting of mail must also be defined in advance. It can be an office area if you have one or another place in your home that is close to your place of storage of documents to keep, ideally in the entrance. This place must allow you to sit comfortably and it must be provided with storage for the necessary to process your mail. At a minimum, you will need all the equipment to process your documents: paper, envelopes and stamps to ensure correspondence, a checkbook to pay the bills and finally pencils to answer or annotate certain letters. Do you have the feeling that your mailbox is full of unnecessary papers? In this case, you can choose to limit this supply of documents, in particular prospectuses and advertisements. The method, very simple to set up, is proposed by the Ministry of the Environment. This involves placing a “Stop Pub” sticker downloadable on the ministry's website, warning you of your refusal to receive this type of printed material.