Floor-to-ceiling stickers

Floor-to-ceiling stickers

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Plage, a specialist in the interior decoration of floors and walls for over 20 years, presented its new collection of floor adhesives at the Maison et Objet fair in 2008. "Special tiling" adhesives Good news for tiles: Plage has created stickers specially for them. 6 models are available to rejuvenate your floor or give it a touch of originality, with natural, even humorous and offbeat patterns. Each pack includes 4 adhesive squares of 30 x 30 cm, designed to resist wear and anti-slip. You will find these stickers in large DIY stores like Leroy Merlin, in the soil department, at the recommended retail price of € 29.90. Stickers for flexible floors For flexible surfaces, make way for fantasy with models for the kitchen, bedroom and playroom. Why not install a very girly hopscotch in your daughter's room? Or a green path that will connect the corridor to the kitchen? Balloons, mikado, small horses ... you will be spoiled for choice. These Beach adhesives are sold in all DIY stores, at a price between € 24.90 and € 39.90 for the largest models.


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