How to take measures to renovate your kitchen?

How to take measures to renovate your kitchen?

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You have been thinking for some time to renovate your kitchen. This time it's decided, you get started! Indispensable step before starting the renovation: take the measurements of the room. To find out how to avoid the most common mistakes, follow our expert advice ...

1. Take measurements on the floor in your kitchen

The objective of this step is to draw the floor plan of your kitchen : it is therefore a view from above. Armed with a conventional meter, measure precisely the length of each wall, noting the position of the openings (doors or windows). Also remember to check that the angles of the room are straight: this is not always the case in old constructions! Record these dimensions on grid paper.

The measurements on the ground will give you the surface in m2 of your kitchen.

2. Renovation of your kitchen: take height measurements

You now need to take measurements from floor to ceiling: this is therefore a front view of each wall in your kitchen. Of course, it is not enough to precisely measure the height under the ceiling. You should also note the position of each opening. This will allow you to check, for example, whether it is possible to place a kitchen sink under a window .

Does the height of your windows allow you to place your furniture underneath?

3. The technical elements of your kitchen plan

Take the ratings of your kitchen also implies noting the location of all the technical elements present in the room. Your plan should therefore include power outlets, water inlets, air outlets or even VMC. It will then be easier for you to position the oven near an electrical outlet, and the possible dishwasher next to a water pipe…

Note the location of electrical outlets and water inlets, precious in the kitchen!

4. Measures well taken for a smoother circulation!

When you take the ratings of your kitchen, you should have in mind an essential objective: your comfort of daily use! What could be more unpleasant than a refrigerator door that you cannot open completely? To avoid this type of inconvenience, draw on your plan each kitchen element in open or closed position. Finally, plan for each traffic zone, a minimum width of 95 cm, so as not to have the feeling of moving in a tight space ...

To assess the space occupied by your future kitchen furniture, draw them with chalk on the floor!