Great sorting in the bathroom!

Great sorting in the bathroom!

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Is your bathroom overflowing? We are the same! Many of us have a very small bathroom. And every morning, it is the traffic jam to arrive on time at work, at school or other ... All this to say that it might be time to do the sorting to find the morning, save time and space! Because, without realizing it, you have accumulated a multitude of useless objects or products. We take stock of the things you can get rid of in the bathroom.

We sort through our cosmetics

Your bathroom cupboards are full of various cosmetic products? Step 1: Empty your cupboards completely to see everything they contain. From there, you will be able to locate expired products. We don't know it enough, but cosmetics don't last forever: on the jars and bottles, a symbol tells you how long you can keep your beauty products after opening. Most cosmetics keep for 6 to 12 months. Using products that are a little too old can cause an allergic reaction, especially in the case of depilatory creams, face creams or mascara for example. If you don't remember when you opened a particular product but it seems doubtful, dry or discolored, throw it away! The solution so that the bazaar does not return? : on the one hand, take the fold: do not start more than 15 creams at a time, finish your jar of cream n ° 1 before opening one n ° 2 and throw away (or recycle according to what is indicated) empty jar. On the other hand, invest in storage boxes. A box for your facial treatments, a box for your hair treatments, a box for your makeup, etc. Compartmentalizing with boxes allows you to better manage your stock. Also pay attention to samples: refuse in store samples of products that you know you will not use.

At Orthex, there are storage boxes suitable for all products. Super practical especially for nail polish.

We sort through our medications

Your medicine cabinet is often filled with expired medicines, the boxes of which you have kept without paying attention to the expiry date. Again, your health is at stake so have no remorse to get rid of it. Be careful not to throw them in the trash: remember to bring them back to the pharmacy closest to you. The solution so that the bazaar does not return? : remember to sort your medicines once or twice a year so as not to store them unnecessarily! Keep children's medicine away so you don't make a mistake.

Take your expired medication back to the pharmacy!

We sort through his towels

Every time you dry yourself with it, you think about it, and yet you keep using it. Forget past towels, discolored by drying in the sun or become too rough to the touch. Throw them away once and for all and give your bathroom a facelift with new bath linens. Please note: textiles can be recycled, find a drop-off point closest to you. The solution so that the bazaar does not return? : so that towels do not accumulate in the bathroom, think of a color code so that each member of the family is there and does not take out a new towel every day! In the absence of a color code, you can install coat hooks, one coat hook for each!

Each one has a hook for tidy towels!