5 bathroom furniture that makes everyday life easier

5 bathroom furniture that makes everyday life easier

Is the bathroom a room in your home where you spend a lot of time? Here is a selection of different ingenious pieces of furniture that will make these moments as pleasant as possible!

1. The double sink

© Lapeyre With the shower or the bathtub, the cauldron is obviously part of the furniture of bathroom indispensable. The problem is that when the bathroom is used by a large number of people at the same time (morning and / or evening), there can quickly be traffic jams around the sink! Fortunately, to overcome this problem and avoid unnecessary arguments, there is a piece of furniture that could not be more practical: the double sink, which allows 2 people to wash their hands or brush their teeth ... at the same time, and without hinder or walk on it. And as for the shape, size or material of your double sink, all tastes are allowed!

2. The hydromassage shower cabin

© Lapeyre In a shower cabin, the adjustable hydro massage nozzles are a real plus: they allow you to take advantage of targeted water jets, cold or hot, whether you are looking to tone up or relax in balneotherapy mode! In other words, with the hydromassage shower cabin, your bathroom will take on the appearance of a spa for maximum well-being!

3. Hidden storage

© Lapeyre A bathroom without storage is simply impossible. Yes, but ... not easy to feel soothed in a room where creams, lotions, towels and other first aid kits are arranged in full knowledge of everyone on full shelves! The solution to combine aesthetics with practice in your bathroom? Bet on ultra-functional furniture containing multiple storage spaces. As the washbasin cabinet where the washbasin cabinet with integrated drawer (s) and niches, the bathroom cabinet which contains shelves hidden behind mirror doors, or the bathroom column by Lapeyre which allows you to multiply tall storage space even in a small space without cluttering it.

4. The light mirror

© Lapeyre In a bathroom, the lighting placed near the mirror is a very important element: it must be powerful enough to illuminate you correctly, but without being too dazzling. Hence the interest of light mirror, designed to offer a pleasant, homogeneous and neat light source, without shadows and therefore ideal for making up, styling or shaving perfectly. But that's not all: the light mirror also has a anti-fog system, which makes it usable immediately after taking a very hot bath or shower! Design and practical, it is the perfect piece of furniture for dark and / or poorly ventilated bathrooms.

5. The towel dryer

© Lapeyre Is your bathroom too small to accommodate a standard clothes line? No problem: with a top bar that folds out horizontally, the towel dryer drier easily turns into a clothes dryer on which you can hang (small) linens without needing any another piece of furniture! So it's a 3 in 1 furniture which will allow you to dry your bathroom linen, your household linen, while heating your bathroom.