Household: micro-tasks that take 5 minutes

Household: micro-tasks that take 5 minutes

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If cleaning seems so tedious, it is often because it is considered as a long activity, a kind of "big cleaning" of several hours which impinges on leisure or weekends. What if we split this mega chore into small tasks that can be done at any time in a few minutes? So you will keep the house tidy as you go, involve the whole family and lighten the chore of weekly cleaning.

The advantages of fixing micro-tasks

Do you find it difficult to involve your loved ones in household chores? The division into micro-tasks can help you! Carrying out one or two quick actions will seem less tedious than a more general order to put away, and even little ones can help with tasks within their reach. Have you ever heard of the Fly Lady method? This method developed in the United States intends to limit household cleaning to 15 minutes per day by setting up daily routines of household tasks. This organization is based on a weekly room-by-room cleaning plan and a daily discipline of iron and is therefore not suitable for everyone. But we can take inspiration from this in terms of splitting up the maintenance of the house into quick tasks that end up becoming habits. More simply, you can make a list of micro-tasks to perform, everyone can pick up every day at their leisure and integrate simple gestures into their timetable. You can also set goals for all family members based on their age and availability: for example one task per day for the little ones, two or three for the teens…

Even little ones can participate with simple micro-tasks

Micro tasks in the kitchen

It is the part that gets dirty the quickest, but good news, it is also the one where there are the most micro-tasks to perform! If everyone spends a few minutes a day on it, in theory, there will only be a time to "clean up" the floor. Worth a try, right? * Wash or change sponges (dishes, cleaning) * Take out the trash * Clean the coffee machine * Set the table * Clear the fridge door: remove expired coupons, Post-it and unnecessary tickets * Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher * Empty the dishwasher * Clear the worktop * Wash the oven rack * Wash a level (or two!) of the fridge * Wipe the table * Clean the microwave * Wash the stove

A clear work plan is so pleasant!

The micro-tasks in the entrance

We pass by in a breeze and it is often neglected, and yet the entrance is the first room you find when you arrive home. Keeping it clean and tidy is therefore a good habit to keep. The good news is that being generally small, a few simple daily actions are enough to keep it in order. * Put away the shoes lying around * Empty the storage compartment and throw away old tickets and papers * Wash the door handles * Knock the doormat * Pass the broom * Put the clothes rack in order * Wax a pair of shoes

Putting shoes in pairs takes only a few minutes

Micro-tasks in the living room

It is the main living room and probably the one that brings together the most function. We receive, we eat there, we watch TV, the children play there… suddenly, it's also often the most messy room! There is often a lot to do to make the living room look good again, but since it is mainly a series of small tasks, if everyone does it for a few minutes a day, the shambles should be avoided. * Throw away or give away the old newspapers and magazines lying around * Disinfect remote controls, telephones, keyboards and computer mice with a little 70 ° alcohol or white vinegar * Free the coffee table * Dust the lamps * Dust the screen * Put away the hanging toys * Put away the hanging books in the library * Put the sofa cushions in order * Clean the windows * Change the water in the flowers * Water the plants

A living room always tidy, that makes you dream

Micro-stains in the rooms

The rooms do not get dirty very much and the problem is more of a mess. Some clothes lying around, an unmade bed, a pile of wobbly books and everything quickly takes on the appearance of chaos! Make it a habit, and get your kids to do it, to do these simple things every day. The household will then limit itself to vacuuming once a week, without having to first tidy up. * Air the room * Make the bed * Pass the broom * Prepare the clothes for the next day * Fold up and put away the clothes lying around * Bring your dirty clothes to the basket / to the laundry room * Put away what is lying on the floor before going to bed * Clean the windows

Putting away the clothes lying around, it changes everything

Micro-tasks in the office

Difficult to get to work or correspondence in an office where chaos reigns. Simple gestures will help you maintain order on a daily basis. * Empty the wastepaper basket * Free up the desk * File the invoices received * Put the supplies in order

A well-kept office is essential

Micro stains in the bathroom

Much like the kitchen, the bathroom is maintained by a succession of micro-tasks. If you have to do them all at once, it can take hours, but if everyone does their bit by doing an item from the list below from time to time, you will save a lot of time! * Ventilate the room * Take out the trash * Wash the sink * Make the taps shine * Throw away the empty bottles * Clean the ventilation grille * Clean the mirror * Put the bottles in order * Sort them in the medicine cabinet: prepare a bag of expired or obsolete medicines and drop it at the pharmacy * Clean the window sill with a little diluted white vinegar to prevent mold from forming

What could be more rewarding than shiny taps?

Micro-tasks in the laundry room

Whether you have a laundry room or your washing machine is installed in the bathroom, the maintenance of the linen requires many gestures because it is not enough just to throw the laundry! Split up this chore to move forward when you have some free time and ask everyone to contribute with these simple tasks that will save you precious time. * Sort the laundry * Put the socks in pairs * Empty the washing machine * Fill the dryer * Fold a few bath towels * Hang up the underwear

Delegate small chores related to laundry!

Micro-stains in the toilet

Toilet maintenance is a very thankless chore, and yet it usually only takes a few minutes. Get rid of it as soon as you can or delegate without feeling guilty! * Ventilate the room * Clean the bowl and the toilet seat * Change the deodorizing unit if necessary * Throw away the empty paper rolls * Empty the trash

Toilet maintenance has never seemed so easy!

Personalized micro-tasks

Obviously, each household has its habits and the lists above must be adapted to your lifestyle. Other daily tasks can thus be added to your routine such as feeding the cat, the dog or the goldfish, sweeping the fallen leaves in the driveway of the garage, dusting the green plants, tapping the carpets outside ... expand the list to suit your needs and the enthusiasm of family members, but you will find that seeing the "to-do list" decrease at lightning speed will quickly be addictive for everyone!

Maintaining plants daily is fast!