5 things to do on the balcony before spring

5 things to do on the balcony before spring

If it still seems far away, spring will finally arrive. And to make it come faster, we can start preparing now the balcony and the planters to make the most of the opening of the first buds. Our instructions in five steps to prepare for sunny days on the balcony.

1. Prune and remove frozen plants

At the end of winter, some plants are damaged, while others simply did not survive the cold. So we take a big garbage bag and we uproot all the frozen plants, being careful not to leave too many roots in the ground, then we arm ourselves with pruners and we cut all the dead branches. If we have thought about planting spring bulbs, we take great care not to disturb them. Also remove any unwanted small weeds that have grown on the surface of the planters.

2. Surfacing and repotting plants that need them

Once the tubs and planters are clear, add a layer of potting soil to the surface to enrich the soil. They say we "surface". We also take stock of the plants that need to be potted in a larger container, and we plan a potting workshop when the moon is descending to put the odds on its side (see our lunar calendar). We preferably choose terracotta pots, we start by filling them with a layer of clay balls for drainage, then we add good soil, possibly mixed with a little compost, then we put the plant in a hole, cover with soil and sprinkle lightly. And There you go !

Repotting seen by the blog A Parisian balcony

3. Check the condition of the accessories that have wintered outside

As soon as the very cold weather is behind us, we take advantage of a beautiful sunny Sunday to go around the owner on his balcony. We clean what needs to be cleaned, we pamper our garden tools, we spot the small repair work to be done after winter, we check the condition of the walls and the railing… In short, we start to anticipate the return sunny days for real!

4. Sowing and planting spring flowers

In February, if it is still too early to see your balcony dripping with spring flowers, you can already start having fun with early bulbs. The ideal being to have planted the bulbs in autumn to see them emerge from the ground by surprise, but otherwise a small tour in the garden center will allow you to fill up with bulbs of hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils, snowdrops and primroses for a few euros. A few colorful thoughts also allow you to bloom your balcony and windows without waiting for the temperature rise. And what a joy to see the hyacinths coming out of the ground! Indoors, spring is also brought in by sowing near the window, see our advice.

The blog planter The metamorphosis of the balcony

5. Enjoy the balcony under a plaid

Finally, while waiting to bring out the aperitif tray and the sunglasses, you can enjoy your garden even if it is cold! A few soft blankets, an insulated bottle with a hot tea, a few candle jars, and presto, we rediscover the pleasure of living outside in cold weather.

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