The master bedroom, bathroom side!

The master bedroom, bathroom side!

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Ah! What happiness, what comfort! A master bedroom with bathroom is the ultimate in private space. There, no one but you and your partner will come: it is your territory, your privacy, your freedom. Wouldn't this be the opportunity to fantasize, to give free rein to your secret desires?

For rascals, all in one!

Why make two pieces, when you can have a large one? For the least modest of us, the bathroom integrated in the bedroom has some advantages: space , of course, because these are already square meters that the partitions and door will not have. Square meters that we could take advantage of and that we could furnish! Who has not dreamed of a splendid free-standing bathtub, whether vintage or resolutely design? Second advantage that you had probably guessed, chili ! Because watching your darling lather shower gel on the body remains a view quite conducive to married life. Last little more, decompartmentalizing obviously opens up a maximum to natural light , whose bathroom is sometimes private.

Freestanding bathtub, retro-chic atmosphere

Continuous space

Decompartmentalizing being an extreme choice, here are other options to create the impression of a unique space divided into two rooms. The workshop windows, often used in kitchens, make it possible to delimit spaces while letting in light. We can then develop the unit by synchronizing the materials and the colors: when the wicker in the laundry basket meets the chair in the bedroom, it's so elegant! Another tip to unify the space: the floor! Using the same coating allows you to register one room as an extension of the other. Finally a sliding door, consuming little space, allows this practical opening to gain in aesthetics.

Glass roof, for a space that is both open and partitioned

The madness

There are styles of decoration that we like, but we wouldn't make our whole apartment of them. The refined feng shui style, for example, is very pretty but it is quite inaccessible to someone who likes to hunt around and brings back a new treasure every weekend. The oriental style, with colorful fabrics and wrought iron swirls, is as charming as it may seem loaded and to be handled with moderation. And it is precisely the freedom that a parental suite offers! Being the only audience in this room, you can afford to decorate it in a style apart and disconnected from the rest of the house. Who will know, after all? Be crazy, make yourself dream!

Ethnic decoration with small touches, between materials, colors and patterns

The pleasure of accessories

in a bathroom shared by the whole family, the practical dimension is fundamental: the stool to help the youngest to brush their teeth, the giant laundry basket, the towels and bathrobes, the products… The space is quickly invaded , and the pretty little accessories do not always find their place. But in a bathroom for two (adults!), This little pleasure comes into sight! Let's go for a little radio, pretty jars, mirrors…

Lamp and office chair stickers, variegated with tiles ...

The wardrobe appeal

Even if it means developing its space, you might as well plan everything! The dressing room often makes the link between the bedroom and the bathroom. In the hallway, why not behind sliding panels of mirrors, or on the back of a vertical headboard, the storage helps to organize the space and the functionality of your cozy nest.


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