A rustic bathroom

A rustic bathroom

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Why adopt the rustic style for your bathroom?

Useful and practical room in a house, the bathroom also acts as a haven of peace to relax and somehow flee the outside world. To create a cocooning atmosphere, conducive to relaxation, adopt rustic style in your bathroom. Far from being old-fashioned, this type of decoration brings warmth to the room.

Mainly made of natural materials such as wood, the rustic bathroom has a comforting vintage touch. A large bathtub in which to relax with a good hot bath, white or darker wooden furniture, candles, plants ... These are the essential ingredients to create a rustic atmosphere in this room!

Take inspiration from the bathrooms that can be found in country houses or in forest chalets. Materials such as natural stone, cast iron, ceramic or wood are in the majority in this type of decoration. With a good dose of vintage objects and more modern decoration, you will find thata rustic bathroom enhances your bathroom, whatever its size!

Dare to mix styles!

Rustic decoration can be combined with a more modern decoration, in order to create a contrast interesting in the bathroom. Thus, install a glass shower cabin, easier to use in everyday life than a cast iron or ceramic bathtub. Add the rustic touch when choosing interior materials, such as stone for the walls or dark wood for the door or furniture.

You can also play the originality card, by integrating an old mottled wooden door in your bathroom or by bringing a shabby touch to a modern bathroom.

Wood everywhere!

Take inspiration from the rustic and primary atmosphere of wooden chalets for decorating your bathroom in a rustic style. Wood, in different complementary shades, adorns both the walls of the room and the floor. It is also found on furniture, such as vanity units or storage units. The older, vintage it looks, the better!

The paneling is perfectly suited to this type of atmosphere. For the floor, if you do not want to have a parquet floor, a stone tile will do the trick, if you choose a raw and rustic model

Complete the decoration with other elements in the same materials such as a mirror with a wooden frame, wooden or natural fiber storage boxes, etc.

The shabby, the rustic chic style

If the rustic style is way too raw for you, here is another equally rustic but more elegant alternative: the shabby. 

Inspired by country houses, shabby style gives pride of place to natural materials such as ceramic, porcelain or wood, but in light shades. The wooden furniture is white, but has an aged effect, as if it had fitted the bathroom for generations.

A few touches of color such as a pretty bouquet of flowers, candles or liberty towels rustic and shabby chic atmosphere of the bathroom.

5 must-have items in a rustic bathroom

For successful rustic bathroom decor, there are a few things to have absolutely in this room.

  • A stone worktop

Like marble or natural stone, the bathroom worktop immediately brings a rustic note. Complete the set with dark wooden vanity units.

  • Metal baskets

To store beauty products and have an organized bathroom, metal baskets like a flea market basket are suitable for rustic decoration. If they are hunted, it's even better!

  • Wrought iron towel rack

A comfortable and attractive bathroom should provide you with all the amenities you need every day. This will undoubtedly be the case with a forged metal towel holder. Noble materials for a rare elegance!

  • A wooden wall mirror

The main material of the rustic style, wood is also used for decorative objects. Install one or two mirrors with a wooden frame above the basins to prepare yourself each morning while decorating the room in style.

  • A vintage style bathtub

If you have room in the bathroom, opt for a vintage bathtub model, with feet and a retro style shower bulb, in silver stainless steel.