Tutorial: a cement tile planter

Tutorial: a cement tile planter

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As you are aware, in terms of decoration, cement tiles are at the top of the trend. But unless you sacrifice your vacation budget, it's hard to line the kitchen floor. That's why we came up with the idea of ​​using them differently. With their pretty patterns, their subtle colors, they lend themselves to all desires. We have therefore chosen to divert four of them to create a truly decorative planter, to be installed inside and outside the house. Good news, the longest step in this tutorial is the time for the glue to dry. Come on, we'll show you!


- 4 cement tiles of the same size - Ultra strong glue - Tape or masking tape - Scissors - A cloth - A pretty plant

Budget: 25 euros Duration: 30 minutes


1. Start by cutting two pieces of scotch tape and placing them on one end of a tile. This will keep two tiles side by side while the glue dries.

2. Apply glue to one of the edges of one of the cement tiles.

3. Position two tiles against each other so as to make a right angle. They must therefore be placed perfectly aligned and at the same height. Fold the scotch tape over the second cement tile.

4. Quickly remove any excess glue with a cloth. This gesture also allows you to standardize the deposit of the glue. Then let the tiles dry.

5. After about fifteen minutes, gently remove the tape from your pot holder, making sure that the tiles remain welded.

6. Repeat the operation for the other two cement tiles.

7. It then only remains to connect the four tiles together, hitherto in duet. For that, same technique. Put glue on one of the slices and hold the tiles together with a tape during the drying time.

8. When the glue is dry, go to the last side of your plant pot. It's simple isn't it?


Place your flower pot inside your flowerpot and congratulate yourself!

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